Photograph Conservation & Restoration

Preventive conservation for photographic archives

Chloé Lucas Conservation is offering, with the Association of Archivists of Quebec, a one day workshop, in French, on preventive conservation for photographic archives.

Historical photographic archives are inherently fragile and susceptible to be damaged. Photographic materials are sensitive to numerous environmental factors such as temperature, relative humidity and pollutants. Numerous damages to photographs are irreversible and conservation treatments cannot compensate for the loss of information. Thus, preventive conservation is to favour over conservation and restoration treatments.

Workshop goals

  • Understand photographic materials and their damages.
  • Learn the best practice for photograph manipulations.
  • Choose housing materials adapted to the collection and its use.
  • Manage your storage vault: choose the environmental conditions based on your collection, integrated pest management, maintenance (cleaning).


QUEBEC – 21 mars 2018 (BAnQ Québec, Pav. Louis-Jacques-Casault, 1055 Avenue du Séminaire, Local 3220)
MONTREAL – 28 mars 2018 (Hôtel de l’ITHQ, 3535, rue Saint-Denis, Salle Saint-Louis)

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